Ch Terigen Larkspur Chocolatté (Mocha)

PRA Normal/Clear ~ FN Normal ~ CERF Clear ~ BAER Normal ~ Whelped 12/07/07

Hips OFA Excellent ~ Elbows OFA Normal ~ Patellas OFA Normal

(Ch Larkspur Double Indemnity NA NAJ x Ch Larkspur Terigen Christmas Cookie MX MXJ XF)

Mocha flew here in February 2008 from Nancy Garigen in New York state. It was difficult waiting for just the right weather to get her here as February is not the best time to get a puppy all the way across the country, but Mocha was well worth it. Mocha is our very first parti-color and we couldn't be happier with her type and personality. She is very, very intelligent and a super prospect for performance events. Neil has plans to train her for agility trials and rally obedience. Mocha is very food motivated and very responsive, so she should be a lot of fun to train. She is currently major pointed and will be out at shows in 2009.

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Mocha's list of accomplishments include:

WB/BOW at the 2009 BC Cocker Specialty Show


Mocha's offside at age 2 years.

Mocha at age 2 years.

Winning WB/BOW at the 2009 BC Cocker Specialty show.

Mocha going WB/BOW/BOS at the Nisqually Kennel Club show in July of 2009.

Mocha at 18 months.

Mocha winning her first points... a 3 pt major!

Mocha age 12 months.

Mocha, a liver roan English Cocker Spaniel

Mocha at age 6 months.

Mocha, Liver Roan English Cocker Spaniel

Mocha at 4.5 Months

Mocha at 4.5 Months


Mocha playing tug at age 14 weeks.

Mocha at 3 Months


Mocha at 9 Weeks

Mocha at 7 Weeks