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Current Litters

If you are interested in adopting a puppy from Calypso, please complete our online Puppy Questionnaire and follow up with an e-mail to calypsoecs@yahoo.com

We have recently relocated to Northern California. We prefer homes within driving distance of WA, OR, ID or CA. Most of our human family is in Washington State so we frequently drive to WA to visit family or for dog shows. While we will not send puppies via air cargo, we are happy to meet you at an airport locally if you'd like to fly here to pick up your puppy (he/she can fly home as a carry on under your airline seat) or help arrange a puppy nanny to fly your puppy to you as a carry-on. 

As of 2014 we will be leaving natural (undocked) tails on certain litters of puppies. If you have a strong preferance for either natural tails or docked tails, please be sure to inquire early on as to whether the litter has been docked or not. Here at Calypso we prefer the natural tailed look and we believe that dogs use their tails for communicating with other dogs and for balance, but we also recognize that many people still prefer docked tails in the USA. Docking tails outside of the USA is far less common and many countries have docking bans in place. We believe eventually our USA breed standard will follow the example of many other countries, including the breed's country of origin, and allow for a natural tail. We have finished multiple conformation championships on natural tailed English Cocker Spaniels and have placed several natural tailed puppies in homes where they are being shown in the USA.


All puppies leaving for their new homes will be de-wormed, have at least their first set of vaccinations, and they will be microchipped. Puppies also come with a packet of information and a bag of puppy items including a portion of their current food and a toy or blanket smelling like their dam and littermates. We spend a lot of time and energy socializing our puppies. We breed with the intent to keep something for ourselves, and because of this we socialize to create dogs we *love* to live with. Our goal is to create happy, outgoing, fearless puppies who adapt easily to new situations. We want our dogs to interact well with other dogs and with all people, including children. We compete in many performance events including agility, obedience, and hunt tests and we are breeding to produce puppies who are competitive in all of these events, as well as in the show ring. This is a wonderful, versatile breed! We believe that Birth-Sixteen weeks is a vital time in any puppy's life and we work hard to put the portion of that time period that we spend with each puppy to good use.

For more information, please e-mail me at calypsoecs@yahoo.com. You can also fill out my puppy questionnaire. If you fill out the puppy questionnaire electronically, please send me an e-mail to make sure that I received it.

We do not breed often. I can help put you in contact with a breeder in the Northwest area if you are looking for a puppy. Also, please visit www.ecsca.info for further help in locating an English Cocker Spaniel puppy.