About Us

Located in Western Washington State and now in Northern California, our English Cocker Spaniels compete in a variety of competitive events. At Calypso, we believe all breeders should breed with the intention to preserve, protect and, at times, improve the breed. We do this in our own breeding program by diligently breeding to the breed standard, requiring health testing on dogs before breeding, and placing puppies only in appropriate homes for their temperaments and personalities.

I began my journey in English Cockers at the beginning of my adult life. At age nineteen I bought my first pedigreed English Cocker from a local breeder on co-ownership. I dove head first in to the world of pet ownership and took an agility class with her and later began attending agility trials, where I found the perfect niche for my dog-obsessed self. I finally found a place where my intense interest and enthusiasm for dogs was both appreciated and normal (: From there I began competing in obedience trials and conformation. I eventually (after a lot of research) had a beautiful litter of English Cocker puppies. This litter produced my first bred-by Champion, Sophie, and the rest, as they say, is history.

While I am devoted to the breed and could never imagine owning another breed of dog, I also thoroughly understand both the best and worst characteristics of the English Cocker. English Cockers are great family dogs. They are very devoted, loving, and affectionate. They love to travel and enjoy almost anything as long as they are with their family. This is a breed that has an active, busy personality and requires regular grooming and brushing. This is not a breed that does well left alone during the day. They are capable of getting into a lot of trouble if they are bored and not given both mental stimulation and physical exercise on a regular basis.

I still compete with my English Cocker Spaniels in conformation, agility, obedience, and hunt tests and I have placed quite a few puppies in homes who also participate in these canine sports. I believe in the versatile English Cocker and feel Calypso English Cockers are capable of spending an afternoon on the couch, in the show ring, or in the field. While all of my dogs enjoy competitive dog sports, it's important to me that each of my dogs are loving companions and household pets first and foremost. Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and I hope you enjoy the information we have to share. I always have time to discuss this wonderful breed. If you would like more information on this breed or would like to comment on the Calypso website, please feel free to e-mail me. E-mail Calypso EC's